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Pioneer Central School District

Vision Statement:

Pioneer students consistently demonstrate the skills, knowledge, integrity and understanding needed for success in life.
They are motivated, self-confident, collaborative and civic-minded.

Mission Statement:

Pioneer schools develop curious, creative, critical thinkers.
Our foundation is a learning environment that is safe, caring, inclusive and engaging.
Our mission is realized by enabling children to reach their full learning potential in a supportive community.

Learning Principles:

· Staff, students and parents are partners in the learning process and each is accountable for student success.
· Students’ ability to learn is enhanced by feeling a sense of trust and belonging in a safe and caring environment.
· Curriculum is purposefully designed to meet the needs of all learners.
· Learning is valued and relevant and expectations are clear.
· Feedback focused on learning is honest, direct, timely and meaningful.

We believe that:

Students’ learning needs are the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school district.
Students learn in different ways and must be provided with a variety of meaningful instructional approaches to support their learning and actively engage them in solving problems.
The success of instructional practice is measured through continual evaluation of student achievement.
Students learn to make appropriate decisions given a professional, supportive, and challenging learning environment.
Success requires vision, risk-taking, and responsibility.

All people need to feel accepted, safe, and valued.
Students, school and district staff, parents and community share the responsibility for advancing the school district’s mission.

It is important that all members of the school community are committed to life-long learning.
Excellence is achievable, measurable, and always worth the investment.
People achieve when expectations are high, and when effort and perseverance toward excellence are encouraged, supported, recognized and celebrated.