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Staff Development 2/13

MS staff and Support Staff from other buildings

PBIS team

Goal: Agree to try specific strategies that will increase attendance and homework from students failing 2 or more subjects.
Strategies: Attendance - stars for perfect homeroom attendance for the next five weeks. Homework – track those who are failing 2 or more classes are automatically required to stay for homework help that day to complete the work.

How Do People Learn?

Characteristics of Learning Experiences: good communication; practice; safe environment (ability to take risks);supportive; willingness to fail; hands on learning.

List will be mailed out to MS staff, modified and then accepted.

CKH and Teaming

When do we perform at our peak?
Lack of stress
Have a deadline
Comfortable environment
Fresh outlook
No distractions
Like what we are doing
Positive attitude
Being prepared
Good team members

What elements negatively affect your performance?
Time of day
Personality conflicts
Lack of choices
Lack of motivation
Time constraints
No real world application

What is a high performing team?
Everyone has value
Challenge each other
Willingness to change
Settle differences inside classroom
Share duties
Shared commitment/responsibilities

Cartoon – Why is it teamwork and why is it not teamwork?
Don’t let anyone fail
Share the load
Work together
Lack of communication
Poor planning
Blame game
Know your role
Lack of respect
Lack of motivation
Not following your own example
Teamwork to accomplish goals
Creativity – try something new
Everyone brings something to the table
Everyone has a role
Good communication
Reward self for a job well done

Review of CKH
Stage 1 – security (get to know each other)
Stage 2 – acceptance (psychological needs are being met so we can move
forward/safe supportive environment)
Stage 3 – responsibility (begin to evaluate each other)
Stage 4 – work (evaluate concerns without fear of reprisal; look to solve
Problems; experiment with new behaviors)
Stage 5 – closing (pursue new behaviors outside the group)

How do we improve?
Diversity of skills
Always working toward the same goal