Thoughtful Education

Thoughtful Education, a professional development program based on the research and development of Harvey Silver, Richard Strong and Matthew Perini, calls on teachers to develop lesson plans based on the different learning styles of students, to better understand how students learn and to intentionally plan using strategies and tools that engage students in higher levels of thinking.

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Overview and Schedule
Frequently Asked Questions
Lesson Plan Templates
Tools and Strategies
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The main goal of Thoughtful Education is high levels of student engagement and learning in all classrooms.
· Quality instruction in every classroom
· Skillful leadership throughout the district
· Effective supportive school communities in all buildings focused on continuous improvement for both student and educators.

September 2009 – June 2010

As a district we have created a BLT (Building Learning Team) in each building. The BLTs are meeting with Harvey Silver and Joyce Jackson to learn about using research based strategies in their classrooms. The first strategies they implemented were from the Tool Book for Effective Instruction. Teachers chose specific tools to engage the students in their classrooms and shared how it worked. The second strategy they studied was Compare and Contrast. Teachers have been creating and sharing the lessons and next they will review student work related to Compare and Contrast at their bi-monthly BLT meetings.

July 2010 – June 2011

During the summer the BLT teams will work with Harvey and Joyce to learn how to run learning clubs in their respective buildings. During another week they will work with a new group of teachers to create between five and seven new BLCs (Building Learning Clubs) who will meet next year. The new clubs will meet twice a month and use extended day time during the year to meet to repeat what the first BLTs did during the first year. Harvey and Joyce typically come to the district for 21 days during a school year to meet with learning clubs, coach the administrators to be thoughtful in their leadership and analyze our progress toward active student engagement in every classroom.

July 2011 – June 2012

During the summer we will again bring in new teachers to join BLCs. The goal is to have every teacher participating as an active member of a learning club focused on continuous improvement for both students and teachers.

Monitoring our Progress

Harvey and Joyce did a learning walk in the district in September of 2009. They will conduct the same walk through in May of 2011 and May of 2012 to look for students actively engaged in learning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thoughtful Education

Lesson Plan Templates:

Pioneer CSD Lesson Plan Template: Stage Three Floor Plan

Pioneer CSD Lesson Plan Template: Floor Plan

Pioneer CSD Lesson Plan Template: Linear

Blank floor plan for individual planning

Sample floor plan with explanations and hints about what belongs in each "room."

Curriculum Design Resource Center
A collection of supplementary resources to help you design more thoughtful lessons and units.

Tools and Strategies:

A nice collection of different graphic organizers, organized according to the purpose
they best serve (activating prior knowledge, reflecting, etc).

Web Resource Links:

Official Silver/Strong Thoughful Classroom Website

Thoughtful Classroom Lesson Bank (Requires a free registration)

Thoughful Education Resource Page from Kentucky schools

Thoughtful Education Templates for Classroom Use

Facebook Thoughtful Ed Group