Literacy Strategies - Overview

Monitoring for Meaning - knowing when you know, knowing when you don't know and having specific strategies for self monitoring of text.

Using and creating schema - making connections between the new and the known, building and activating background knowledge.

Overview of Schema with resources

Asking questions - generating questions before, during, and after reading that lead you deeper into the text.
Link to website about questioning with video resources
Link to Reading Lady website with questioning resources

Determining importance - deciding what matters most, what is worth remembering.

Inferring - combining background knowledge with information from the text to predict, conclude, make judgements, and interpret.

Using sensory images - creating mental both sensory and emotional images to deepen and stretch meaningn.

Overview Visualizing-Sensory images

Synthesizing - creating an evolution of meaning by combining understanding with knowledge from other text/sources.


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Literacy Strategies

Using and Creating Schema


Word Splash

Asking Questions


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Using Sensory Images

Reading Road Map

Four Block Frayer Model



Question, It Says, I Say, and So I Infer

Determining Importance

DBQ template

Story Mapping

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Monitoring for Meaning

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